JEAN CRISS MEDIA – Comprehensive creative media services for your business.  Focused in experiential solutions, digital media, luxury and entertainment, fashion and apparel, culinary- food, wine and spirits, publishing and non-profit, there are innovative marketing solutions in the B2C and B2B markets waiting to be revealed. 

 EXPERIENTIAL - Jean Criss Media combines her twenty years of expertise in digital media and technology to provide experiential solutions, and a portfolio of production and publishing services for all your client needs.  

We create CULINARY: FOOD, WINE  & SPIRIT adventures involving Wine and Food Festivals with Celebrity Chefs and Somelliers, Food Tastings and other exquisite Culinary events for your delectable palates. Whether your looking for a luxurious day at the spa, a new high-end apparel garment, planning a day at your favorite hotel or simply attending a local or corporate business meeting, you will want the perks and want to know the right places to visit or how to obtain them.  What's your local destination? Look no further and check out these LUXE venues. 

Jean Criss also sets out to inspire others by bringing her stories to life in the TRILOGY SERIES: “My Pain Woke Me Up©" .  This series is based on survivorship -  inspired by passion, perseverance, promise, and persistence.  Jean learned what it takes to get knocked down by life’s punches, how to get back up and the silver lining among life's difficult challenges - driven by the tales of her pursuit for happiness and the road ahead.  As a breast cancer survivor, Jean creates an exciting, fashionable apparel line for health and wellness, celebrating life! with the CRISSCROSS™ brand.  Other garments and ventures to follow.  Take a look at what we offer and don't wait, just give us a call!